Sarvwan Thikana

Shri Dewan Sahib were considered among the Ruling Chief. The place was called Sarwan because this place was established by a brahman known as Anand on the day of “Sravan” in 1298 AD. The town had a mixed population of brahman’s, thakurs and baniya’s along with a Gardhi (Mud fort) The Gardhi was built some were near 1305 AD by Raja Sarang Dev ju. The Income of the Dewan of sarwan was Rs 15000/- and had to pay Revenue of Rs 9000 to the British Government. (“Geography District Jalaun”- Government Press, Prayag 1884 AD). During 1853 AD the kingdom had a total income of Rs 28000/- and only paid a revenue of Rs 3526/-. This reduction in the income of the ruling chief were due to the government policies which in the end lead to the downfall of this kingdom. The government also took away the title of Dewan as we do not find any mention in the Manual of Titles but were addressed as “Gardhibandh Thakur” (Thakur with an enclosed mud fort). The last Dewan before independence was Shri Dewan Maharaj Singh Ju Deo.