Sengars Rule in Shri Lanka

As per the vanshavali (Pedigree trees) and folklore we come to know about the kingdom of Sengar’s in Raddh country were Maharaja Vijay (Vijayrishi, Bhoj, Bhojraj, Vijayraj which are the alias names) went to Singhaldweep (Singaldweep, Sankeldweep) and established an independent kingdom. The history of Shrilanka (Celon) verifies it. This historical event can be traced  to the time of Mahabharata. During the time of Mahabharata war and the rule of Shyaka’s in Magadha the historical facts of the Sengar tribe if found can be traced in the history of Sri lanka. In the Purana we do not find any Pedigree tree of many  Kings of that time. We find the family tree of our Gautam brothers (Akshakuwao) which help us in tracing the time period between the Sengar Kingdoms at Radh Desh and Gautam Kingdom in Madhya desh. As per the tree of the Akshakuwao Kings and the history of Sengar Kings in  Shrilanka (Celone)  the family tree in being given below.

Genealogy of Sengar’s in Lanka

As per the history of  Lanka we find written that the King of “Ladh” (Lal desh) Singhbahu’s elder son Vijay was cruel to his subjects. The subject revolted and the king had a choice either to kill his son or banish him from the kingdom. The king chose to banish him from the kingdom and hence Vijay with 700 men along with their family were made to sit on three ships and were left in the sea. Vijay reached Lanka along with his men and settled their.

In those days Lanka was ruled by “Yaksha” and “Naga” tribes. Lanka’s Western and Northern part was known as “Nag Dweep” and their King was Kedridiya. Their were two other Naga King who lived in the hilly terrains and fought among them selves. The central part of the island was controlled by the “Yaksha” and their capital was “Lanka”. Vijay along with his men landed on the western region at Ladan. They were very tiered and laid down for rest. When they woke up they realized the color mud on their hands and kept its name “Tambraparan” or “Tambravaran”. The island later took this name. The Greek scholars have written Lanka’s name as “Taprobane”

Vijay and his men  saw a dog and followed it to habitation. A “Yakshani” dressed as a sage was spinning near a beautiful lake.. His men wanted to take bath in the lake but the “Yakshani’ took them to a cave. When Vijay reached the lake he could not locate his men and realized that the “Yakshani” had something to do with this. He defeated the Yakshani and hence was able to free his men from the cave. The Yakshani  fell in love with him and they got married. Her name was Kuberni. With her help Vijay defeated many yaksha kings and established his kingdom. He made his capital at “Tumradnuar” near Patlam Bandar. His men spread in the island and under the leadership if Vijay established small kingdoms. The important ones that need mention are Anuradhapur, Uptissnagar,  and Vijitpur. His men wanted to declare Vijay as the Maharaja but he refused to accept the title till they were able to find a suitable kshatriya princess.

The King of Madura (Mathura of the south) from the Paranay offered his daughter for marriage to Vijay. Many of his men also married with the various ruling class family of Paranay. After the marriage Vijay declared himself as the Maharaja Dheraj and the first Sengar to become the ruler of Lanka “Lankaadhipati”.

The first wife Kuberni  left him and joined her tribe men with her children. The Yaksha killed her but her children escaped. These children established their rule in various parts of the island and southern part of India and are known as “Veddas”.

Being the son of Maharaja Singhbahu, Lanka was renamed as Singhaldweep and his men as Singhal. Vijay had landed in 543 B.C on the same day when Buddha attained Maha Nirvana.  He ruled lanka for 38 years. Before his death he called for his brother Sumitra (Sumit) from Radd. Before his message reached Radd his father Singhbahu had passed away and his second son Sumitrs was made the ruler of Radd. In the meantime in 505 B.C Maharaja Vijay died. Maharaja Sumitra decided to send his third son Panduvas in his place. He left for Lanka with 32 other royal family members via sea route. In the mean time the kingdom of Lanka was governed by Uptisis who was a chieftain for one year. On the arrival of Panduvas, Uptisis handed over the throne to him. Uncle of Buddha “Amrittodan” offered his daughter “Bhadrakatyani” for marriage. The marriage and coronation of Maharaja Paranduvas took place at the same time.

The king Virudhak of Kokas  attacked the Shakyas (Ruling family of Mahatma Buddha) and destroyed their kingdom in 490 B.C. Bhadrakatyani’s father took shelter in lanka and was given a kingdom to rule. He had seven sons. Six of his sons were Ramgorand, Ruhud, Dighaya, Uruvele, Anuradh and Vijetkam. They are also hence considered and the ruling chiefs of Lanka.

Maharaja Panduvas died in 474 B.C. He had ten sons and one daughter Chinta. His elder son Abhay succeeded the throne.  Chinta married Dighaya’s son Gaminu and their son Pandukabhay.

 In various historical records we find mention of Rajput rulers marrying (Rathore’s and Chauhan’s) with princess from Singhal Vansh. Padmani the Queen of Chittor was also from Singhal Vansh (Chapter 6- Tod  “History of Mewar in Rajasthan”)