Kith-N-Kin School





The School strives to create knowledge, to open the minds of students to that knowledge, and to enable students to take best advantage of their educational opportunities. To these ends, the school encourages students to respect ideas and their free expression, and to rejoice in discovery and in critical thought; to pursue excellence in a spirit of productive cooperation; and to assume responsibility for the consequences of personal actions.

Kith-N- Kin seeks to identify and to remove restraints on students full participation, so that individuals may explore their capabilities and interests and may develop their full intellectual and human potential. Education at Kith-N-Kin should liberate students to explore, to create, to challenge, and to lead. The support the school provides to students is a foundation upon which self-reliance and habits of lifelong learning are built: Kith-N-Kin expects that the scholarship and collegiality it fosters in its students will lead them in their later lives to advance knowledge, to promote understanding, and to serve society.

Letter from the Founder & Chairperson

 Dear Parents,

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. That is the allure of knowledge.

Kith-N-Kin takes pride in providing that channel to your children. The commitment to help our children develop qualities of self-confidence, self-discipline, an organised approach to problem solving is a longstanding one.

The child is the locus for every step taken in this institution. Our curriculum is designed to help your child adapt to the developments of today and tomorrow. The school seeks to achieve and sustain excellence in teaching and guidance, and enrich the child through the fruits of his effort.

Let us unite for the cause of a brighter future for the budding generation. We welcome your application and look forward to your support in providing a rewarding experience to your child.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Rohit Sengar

From the Director’s desk

Dear Parents and Students,

At Kith-N-Kin, we recognise the imperative of a world class experience in education to help your child prepare amongst their global peers.

This School’s mission is to provide rich values that encourage an academic train of thought. We are committed towards building strong foundations that complement a culture of excellence. It is our aim to provide opportunities for your child to excel well in both academies and co-curricular activities.

As our session begins I welcome the children to school. I feel it is my duty to remind you of the school rules where students are concerned and seek your co-operation in monitoring your wards to abide by the same.

  • Respect punctuality – concentrate on timely arrival to school.
  • Wear the prescribed uniform to school – both in summer and in winter.
  • Avoid bunking from school and from classes.
  • Respect school property.
  • Behaviour in the school bus should be exemplary.
  • Avoid the use of abusive language.
  • Parents should check their child’s school bag. Please send only what is required for the day.
  • Cash carried by the students to school should be monitored.
  • Cheating in exams is strictly prohibited.
  • Mobile phones are allowed to only those who have taken prior permission from the Principal. A mobile once confiscated will only be given back when the student leaves school i.e. after the exams.
  • For leave – a letter to the Class Teacher is required if it is for one to 3 days – a letter to the Principal for longer leave. If long leave is taken without permission, the student’s name will be struck off the rolls. Seventy five percent attendances in school is a must.
  • Ensure that the school fee is paid on time. Reminders cause unnecessary embarrassment to the child.

Warm Regards,

Ujjwala Singh

School Hours



Play Group   

                                            Summer: 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

                                            Winter:  9.30 a.m. to  1.30 p.m.


                                           Summer: 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

                                           Winter: 9.30 a.m. to  1.30 p.m.


                                          Summer: 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

                                          Winter:  9.30 a.m. to  1.30 p.m.

Classes I to V

                                         Summer: 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

                                         Winter:  9.30 a.m. to  2.30 p.m.

Office Hours

For non- academic interactions and administrative enquiries only10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

General Information

This diary is intended to provide information to students and parents on various school policies and processes as affecting them as well as the important dates throughout the school year. Parents are advised to assist the children in effectively planning and participating in school life. This Diary will serve as an effective channel between the school and home. Parents are requested to use the School Diary as a means of communication with teachers.

Students are required to bring this diary to school each day. If a student loses the diary, the parents must purchase a replacement from the school.

1.      Academics

Academic Honesty

Good character is extremely important to education. The school places utmost emphasis on ethics, personal integrity and the virtue of honesty. These values are expected of all members of the school community- students, faculty, administration and parents.


Learning and teaching are synonymous projects. The coursework for students is designed to track the performance of our students. Students must therefore take all assignments and activities conducted with sincerity.


The school follows a system of continuous evaluation and regularly provides parents with their child’s academic progress and social development.  The school follows a policy of awarding grades for class assessments. Tests, quizzes and other classroom assessments will receive achievement grades while effort grades are given for homework, class work, regularity, punctuality and projects.


The school holds two sets of examinations in an academic year. The combination of grades and reports serves to assess the progress of the student.

For the Play Group and Nursery classes, the school follows a system of continuous evaluation. Review tests are conducted at the end of each term and there is no formal examination for primary classes.

Students found indulging in malpractices during examinations will be given zero marks for that paper. Wilful breach of any examination regulations is punishable with cancellation of the paper, or in serious cases, expulsion from the school.

Students absent from examinations will not be re-examined except in the case of a serious, verified medical condition or approved leave.


All students receive both achievement and effort grades in each subject.

The achievement grade indicates quality. Students in Classes I-V are graded in each subject on A- E scale for achievement, with A  being the highest level.

Students are graded on effort on an A-E scale, with A being the highest level. Effort grades reflect the student’s industrious nature and diligence with respect to homework, projects and class participation, and are based on criteria such as punctuality, neatness, organisation, creativity, quality and completeness of work, and teamwork.


Students receive grade cards and reports, which include an objective assessment of the effort and achievement of the student as well as comments by teachers reflecting the holistic development of the child.


Parents are requested to ensure the children to do their homework regularly and follow the timeline wherever specified. By homework, the school refers to all forms of academic follow-up that takes place at home and not necessarily just written work.


Students are strongly discouraged from taking private tuitions and parents are requested to refrain from seeking private tuitions for their children. Any child needing extra assistance should discuss these needs with the class/subject teacher so that the enrichment class can be arranged. Teachers of the school are not allowed to coach or give private tuitions.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The school staffs always encourage students to take part in extracurricular activities. We provide music, dance, painting, debate and various others activates for the overall developments of the students.

Excursions/Education trips

A domestic education trip is organised by the subject teachers to visit places of educational interest.  All parents shall be informed in advance regarding such trips.

 “All experiences are opportunities to learn and grow”- with this feeling in mind the present day education system is not only academics based but also relies on activities and experiences outside the classroom. Kith-N-Kin School strongly believes in this concept. Hence since the very beginning, it is focussing on practical experience by taking children to various places for field trips, picnics and excursions. These trips are in a sense the conglomeration of fun filled activities and learning something new.

The school creates a vital link between learning in the classroom and the equally important topical learning from the school of life outside the classroom. The school aims teaching beyond the walls of the classroom into the freedom of outside exploration and creativity.

There are many trips and excursions organised from the school’s side to emphasise on this aim.

The school has scheduled yearly picnics and field trips for each and every class from Nursery to V. The focus is to provide thrilling kid’s camps and other excursion activities leading children to improve their mental and physical abilities. Our goal is to contribute to the personality development by providing influences of team work, adventure and coordination.

2.      Learning Stages:


The Kindergarten section of Kith-N-Kin School of three levels:

Play Group – Students 3 to 4 years of age, with a maximum of 30 students per class.

Nursery – Students 4 to 5 years of age, with a maximum of 30 students per class.

Higher KG – Students 5 to 6 years of age, with a maximum of 30 students per class.

Children who have turned three years of age, by the end of December in the year preceding enrolment, are able to enrol in the Kindergarten Play Group level. However, prior to enrolment, an interview is conducted to ensure that the child is sufficiently developed for the level.

English is the medium of language; however, approximately 30% of the time every day is dedicated to learning Hindi. Great emphasis is also placed on the development of the character. Students are guided to develop the attitudes, habits, skills, behaviour and therefore conduct that is required to be “a caring and responsible family member”.


The Primary section Kith-N-Kin School comprises of five levels, Primary 1 to 5. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 30 per class.

English is the medium of language, though about 25% of the time is dedicated to learning Hindi. Both the English and the Hindi programs are designed to cater for the range of students from ‘beginners’ of that language to ‘native speakers’ of that language. A significant emphasis is placed on reading, and this is supported by a well-equipped library. The Mathematics program is of CBSE standard, which has been proven to be of greater benefit. Whilst the content is of a CBSE standard, it is supplemented with the beneficial aspects of the ‘western’ techniques of teaching Mathematics. Great importance is also given to the Character Development program, which emphasizes the development of capabilities in students.

The Science curriculum provides standards-based content based on a research-based approach. This hands-on approach of dealing with scientific ideas allows students to grasp concepts and ideas based on experimentation and concrete examples.

3.      Student Protection

Child Protection

All safeguarding and welfare of the students are taken very seriously by the school.  All support is welcomed from the parents in every possible way for the welfare of their children. Any reporting of abuse reported by students or parents will be dealt with utmost priority and care. School follows a strict no physical punishment norm and any incident should be brought to the notice of the principal or management for immediate action.


In all cases of emergency the school will endeavour to get in touch with the parents concerned but if this is not possible the school will act on the advice of Medical Officer consulted.

Home Contact System

Every parent is advised to give their contact number at the time of admission. In absence of personal phone parents are advised to give a substitute mobile number for emergency contact. Any changes should be immediately informed at our office for upgrade.


All parents are advised to inform the office before 9 a.m. on the first day of absence if your child is unable to attend the school. A written application should be sent with the child on his return.

4.      Student Life

Co-curricular Activities

The school offers a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting events to students from Class I to V. These activities normally start in the first week of each term and finish one week before the start of the tests/examinations of that term.

Events and Celebrations

Festivals bring to life the varied cultures of different segments of society and are occasions for celebration and joy. In this spirit, the school celebrates various festivals throughout the year.

House System

Students are allocated to one of the four houses- the Jaguars (Red House), the Panthers (Blue House), the Tigers (Green House) and the Lions (Yellow House).

Membership of a house is an essential part of a student’s education, helping each child to become a responsible as well as proud member of a community through participation in games and other house activities. The house system fosters competitive and team spirit and nurtures a sense of belonging by being part of a cohesive group.

Personal Property

The school does not encourage children to bring toys or personal property to school. Any personal property that may become a distraction or nuisance will be confiscated from the student and returned only to the parents. Apart from watches, no jewellery should be worn in school. If ears are pierced, studs only may be worn.

5.      Student Support

Parent Teacher Meetings

For each class, there will be monthly Parent Teacher Meeting.  These are conducted to ensure that parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with the teachers.

Student ID card

Students are issued a multipurpose laminated photo identity card. If a student loses the ID card, parents must obtain a replacement from the school.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are expected to support and reinforce the school rules and policies. The school expects to attend Orientations, Parent Teacher Meetings, and school functions as per the schedule communicated to them and thus show their interest in their child’s school activities. Should a concern or issue arise, please feel free to call your child’s class teacher or tutor.

Admission Rules

Registration & Withdrawal

a)      The Registration Form should be filled and submitted to the School Office before the end of the Registration period.

b)      An Incomplete or illegible Registration Form, without a photograph will not be processed / accepted.

c)      The admission card will be issued to parents only after form is duly filled and the Admission formalities are completed.

d)      Mere issue of form or registration does not imply admission, which is subject to Admission Test /interviews / interaction and also to the availability of seats.

e)      Photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or concerned civic authority must accompany the Registration Form for classes Nursery & Prep. Photocopy of report card of the last exam passed must be attached with the Registration Form for Classes I & above.

f)       Application for withdrawal is to be made on a prescribed pro forma available in the school office. No child is withdrawn till a written request from parents is put up.

g)      A one month notice period or one month notice fee is required for withdrawal.

h)      Transfer certificate will be issued after 15 days of the receipt of the application and clearance of all dues.

                                         KITH N KIN SCHOOL

                                   MALHAUSI, AURAIYA (U.P.)



Date____________                                                           Scholar No:________                                                           

                                APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION

  (To be filled by the parent or guardian of the scholar along with 2 Passport size Photos of the Student)

Name of Scholar: ___________________________________________________

Date of Birth Address of Scholar: ______________________________________

Mother’s Name: ____________________________________________________

Father’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Father’s Occupation:_________________________________________________

Mobile No: _______________________ Email Id: _________________________

Religion: __________________________________________________________      

Class to which admission is sought: ____________________________________

Name of the School last attended: _____________________________________



Place: _______________                                                   Date: _______________

______________________                                 ______________________

SIGNATURE OF GUARDIAN                                        SIGNATURE OF PRINCIPAL

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