Lokarpan’s was established in November 1996 as an independent development organization with a mandate to serve rural poor. It was founded by a group of citizens, under the guidance of Shri. H.V Singh, all of whom were concerned about poverty and inequity in rural areas. The founders had a belief that rather than supporting the people from outside it was more prudent to develop their capabilities in helping themselves. Lokarpan’s strives to organize and empower rural poor to promote development as a liberating force aimed at social justice, economic growth and self-reliance.

The organization began its journey by identifying needs and aspirations of the communities and working with them for their attainment. Over a period of time, this approach led to the identification of thematic areas and specific projects, which were taken up at later stages. Over the last thirteen years, Lokarpan’s has developed a strategy that is based on community participation and provides sustainable solutions for developmental challenges faced by the community. Lokarpan’s work with CRS, PACS, USAID, government and various other programmes and donors has allowed us to network and synergize with several NGOs and groups. Similarly, working with communities and implementation of various projects has brought about significant learning for the organization and it is now better prepared for future work in integrated development.

Organizational Details

Lokarpan’s is registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860; (registration no. 1569) and the FCRA account no is 136550133. The management body of the organization is gender balanced with women occupying top positions at both management as well as operational positions.


A world where individuals have dignity and self-respect and people respect each other without the barriers of poverty, gender, caste and religion


  • To create a kinder and more united society and to enable poor, rural communities to improve their social and economic conditions through participatory development.
  • To create innovative models of sustainable development that can be replicated in India and throughout the world.

Organizational Strengths

Lokarpan’s has trained staff and a core team of trainers in the fields of Health, Education, Micro-finance and Livelihoods most of which belong to the local area. The organization has strong linkages with local administration and various departments and is also part of several NGO networks.

Recognition by Planning Commission: Excerpts from government’s website

‘In Uttar Pradesh NGOs seem to be playing a very significant role in the Health Sector of the State.  Across the state in almost all the economic regions of the state NGOs have made some significant intervention.  Some of the important NGOs which are active in the health sector are- The Hunger Project, Lokarpan’s, Sakhi, Manav Seva Sansthan etc.  It needs to be mentioned that NGO movement received a significant boost after the formation of SIFPSA (State Innovations in Family Planning Services Project Agency).  Other important agencies which are making a significant contribution in terms of institutional financial support are CRS North India, CARE etc.

The impact of NGO intervention can be gauged from the fact that in the area where Lokarpan’s is working it is found that:

  • Around 81% of the mothers have been provided Anti Natal Care (ANC) coverage. In the NGOs non-intervention area the coverage was only 54%.
  • 89% of the children were vaccinated.  However, in the non-intervention area only 65.5% are vaccinated.
  • Interestingly, the ratio between ANMs visit in the NGO and non-NGO area is 3.58: 2.27.  The implications are very significant. The ANM’s frequency of visit in the NGO area is found to be almost 35% better than the non-NGO area.

Visit at :planning.up.nic.in/annualplan0203/part2/Part2-c11.htm

Key Programmes and Partners


Resource Partner

Community Development Catholic Relief Services
Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Government of India
Training of Indigenous System of Medicine & Homeopath Practitioners State Innovations in Family Planning Services Project Agency, Uttar Pradesh (SIFPSA)- USAID Report
Women’s Empowerment Catholic Relief Services
Title II Food Program Catholic Relief Services/USAID
AAN PARIYOJNA UNICEF/M.N Medical College, Allahabad / CREATE, Lucknow
Residential Hostel for Out of School Girls SSA/Government of India
Samvikas Pariyojna Poorest Areas Civil Society Programme/ DFID UK
Auraiya Bal Vikas PariyojnaPhase-I  Catholic Relief Services
Auraiya Bal Vikas PariyojnaPhase-II Catholic Relief Services
Preschool Education Catholic Relief Services
Primary Education Catholic Relief Services
Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Program Catholic Relief Services

Financial Turnover


Turnover (Rupees

1996-1997 2532.00
1997-1998 2,76,747.45
1998-1999 41,33,856.05
1999-2000 63,16,907.51
2000-2001 69,61,839.99
2001-2002 1,02,01,443.55
2002-2003 1,20,32,045.86
2003-2004 1,73,14,428.44
2004-2005 4,52,70,914.08
2005-2006 4,14,08,914.20
2006-2007 3,48,47,677.00
2007-2008 3,56,21,400.00
2008-2009 2,60,15,651.85
2009-2010 1,18,70,541.32
2010-2011 33,66,373.93
2011-2012 24,73,113.94
2012-2013 3,92,066.53

NGO Registration and Tax documents:

Society Registration

PAN and TAN No.

FCRA Registration

12 A Registration

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