Sengar’s Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Kanpur Region largest poultry enterprise!

Over a period of 52 years, Sengar’s Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as Sengar’s Poultry Farm) has gone from strength to strength and has become a one of the biggest broiler producer in the region. Along the way, Sengar’s Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd. pioneering efforts in its reach out program has helped create thousands of rural entrepreneurs who share the growth successfully. Sengar’s Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd.  Has energized the livelihoods of farmers in rural district of Auraiya, Etwaha, Ramabai Nagar and Kannuaj of Uttar Pradesh.


Chairman Late Mr. Harvash Singh and Managing Director Mr. Rohit Sengar saw potential of one of the fastest growing business in live stock. Sengar’s Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as Sengar’s Poultry Farm) are the pioneers of poultry industry not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the whole of Northern India as one of the oldest farmers in the region. ,

In 1962, Mr. Harvansh Singh set up a poultry farm with100 layer birds at  Malhausi. During 1968 – 74 he set up the first breeding Farm of 2000 Breeders and ranked top 3 best layer birds in the Indian Random Test held at Bangalore during 1970-1972 under the name of M/s Sengar’s Poultry Farm, The Breeder operations had to be closed due to shortage of Kerosene oil to operate its Hatcheries caused due to the Indo Pakistan war of 1971. He built the most well equipped layer farm with a capacity of 30000 layers in 1972. He expanded the operations into marketing by setting up a retail shop in Naveen Market Kanpur. In 1982  he start broiler production . The operations of layer farming were phased out as it was not economical to maintain layers in deep litter by 1989. due to the market crash. On 6th July 1992 Sengar’s Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to run the operations of Broiler Production. The company entered into a joint venture with  Poultry Live Stock Specialities to set up organised marketing in Lucknow but due to UPLIS non commitment to its cause the company was forced to exit from the joint venture and start its own marketing with Institutions and retail sale through shop at Lucknow. The retail marketing and institutional sale at Lucknow was stopped in the Year 2005 as local production in the city had increased and the unorganised poultry market was no more viable to maintain.

Health & Nutrition

Sengar’s Agro Farm  belief in transforming the poultry industry in Uttar Pradesh has led to high standards in end-products. By following good management practices throughout the entire chain of producing broiler’s, health and nutrition is guaranteed. At Sengar’s Agro Farm, there is a relentless emphasis on creating nutrition rich broiler’s. By ensuring the birds, the feed and quality are on par with international standards.

Sengar’s Agro Farm  ensures the birds are carefully selected from reliable Hatcheries and bred in a healthy environment and fed with the most nutritious feed – rich in Maize and Soya, produced as per the International standards   in its own feed mill or custom made as per our requirements. The birds are grown in hygienic, ultra-modern bio-secured farms. Bio-security is maintained at every stage of production till the products reach the market.

Feed is the most important factor that provides health and nutrition benefits in the end products. Sengar’s Agro Farm takes special care in formulation and nourishment of birds with the right feed throughout its lifecycle. Sengar’s Agro Farm competent, experienced, and highly qualified professionals, including poultry nutritionists and veterinarians carry out feed formulation. The farms are guided through good management practices to maintain health and nutrition aspects in the end products. Sengar’s Agro Farm offers nutritious, hygienic and affordable broiler chicken.

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